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Bev with Living Fabulously did a fantastic job in this interview allowing me to succinctly explain EASY STRESS REDUCTION TIPS  + All Things Neuroscience = Watch a few minutes and let us know what you think!

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7 Vegetables That Are Proven to Help Minimize Rheumatoid Arthritis Attacks *Ps. How Not to Die by Dr. Greger is THE evidence-based book on optimal nutrition, plus it’s hilarious. Follow the above article’s eating tips as a GREAT starting point to using your diet to reduce chronic pain. Then when you want to delve deeper, read this book.

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  Chronic pain is sneaky. It will creep up on you and hit you over the head like a hammer. It’s an invisible cage that imprisons: everyone else is outside having fun and you are miserable inside the cage.   After trying dozens of therapies for years, I settled into a life with minimized movement which has been my most successful attempt to combat the pain coming from my congenital back issue known (or not so known) as Bertolotti’s Syndrome. […]

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Since President Trump can’t help from proving he’s a narcissist, I thought that I would write about the relationship between a narcissist and victim…and narcissist and country. (Here’s an example speech on black history month where he makes it about himself.)   Great books have been written about understanding the cycle that a victim goes through when dating an abusive narcissist. The first phase is idealization where the narcissist woos the target with incredible attention and praise.  Next, the person is […]

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For people who are concerned about quality and cost of their health insurance, there are some great options. #1 Check out from– Charges a few hundred dollars $199 each month and acts as a catastrophic with some other features like paying for annual wellness checks, etc.  It counts as “insurance” when filing your taxes.   #2 I just heard about this insurance called Green Surance– Around $299 per Month–They provide catastrophic insurance, pay for alternative treatments, and count […]

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Glyphosate (round up) “is a non-selective herbicide, meaning it will kill most plants. It prevents the plants from making certain proteins that are needed for plant growth.”1 So if glyphosate kills plants, it will probably (slowly) kill you.  Shockingly, we are finding it in MANY COMMON FOODS.  CLICK HERE: CHEERIOS–FOODS HIGH IN GLYPHOSATE CHART Bottom line, you DO NOT want it in your body…the same way that you don’t want to eat say paint thinner or sharpies. ———- 1.quote from

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glass of water

UPDATE:  Recently fracking was almost allowed in the Florida Everglades. If you are reading this post and reside in Florida, I would keep an eye out to see if fracking IS allowed in the future because if it does begin, it would mean that the waterways would begin being polluted with the chemicals that are inserted into the earth through the fracking process.   Our drinking water is being threatened more and more everyday, see the recent discovery of […]

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Using Relational Neuroscience to Transform the World

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