Health Insurance Confusion and Coolness

For people who are concerned about quality and cost of their health insurance, there are some great options.

#1 Check out from–

Charges a few hundred dollars $199 each month and acts as a catastrophic with some other features like paying for annual wellness checks, etc.  It counts as “insurance” when filing your taxes.


#2 I just heard about this insurance called Green Surance–

Around $299 per Month–They provide catastrophic insurance, pay for alternative treatments, and count as “insurance” when filing your taxes.



#3 Wellness Forum Health

A growing group of healthcare professionals are working on inforMED decision consulting where YOU THE CONSUMER are valued and given informed consent when choosing medical treatments.  See evidence-based educational videos and get access to medical professionals who will tell you the truth.

Wellness Forum Health


#4 Dr. Michael Greger’s blog of research studies on nutrition is a great resource if you have questions about food and nutrition and want access to unbiased research:


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