5 Essential Oils to Help Fight Infection

We are quick to dismiss essential oils as nothing but placebo medicine. Some people use them to treat common ailments, such as toothache and headache. Some use them as home fragrance diffusers, while others add them to candles, soaps, bath salts and more. Essential oils have a lot of uses, but if they are effective medicines as some people swear they are is often a point of debate.

Until science gets involved, that is.

According to scientific studies, essential oils have strong antibacterial properties that make them effective against bacteria, even those that have become antibiotic-resistant. And that feat alone is impressive, considering the rise of superbugs, or a strain of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. Even the strongest modern medicines these days cannot kill these superbugs.

And while scientists are developing stronger medicines called super antibiotics to counter superbugs, how sure are we that those don’t bring side effects? Strong drugs inevitably bring negative secondary effects to our body, and this means we are risking our health with these medicines.

Essential oils, however, are different. So far, they have shown very promising results in killing superbugs. They are the best and safest cure that we have for these bacteria so far.

Essential Oils that Fight Infection

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