Why We Date and Elect Narcissists

Since President Trump can’t help from proving he’s a narcissist, I thought that I would write about the relationship between a narcissist and victim…and narcissist and country. (Here’s an example speech on black history month where he makes it about himself.)   Great books have been written about understanding the cycle that a victim goes through when dating an abusive narcissist. The first phase is idealization where... Read More

Health Insurance Confusion and Coolness

For people who are concerned about quality and cost of their health insurance, there are some great options. #1 Check out libertarianhealthcare.com from Libertyhealthshare.org– Charges a few hundred dollars $199 each month and acts as a catastrophic with some other features like paying for annual wellness checks, etc.  It counts as “insurance” when filing your taxes.   #2 I just heard about this insurance called Green Surance– www.mygreensurance.com Around... Read More

Eating Cheerios = Yum Yum Toxin Glyphosate

Glyphosate (round up) “is a non-selective herbicide, meaning it will kill most plants. It prevents the plants from making certain proteins that are needed for plant growth.”1 So if glyphosate kills plants, it will probably (slowly) kill you.  Shockingly, we are finding it in MANY COMMON FOODS.  CLICK HERE: CHEERIOS–FOODS HIGH IN GLYPHOSATE CHART Bottom line, you DO NOT want it in your body…the same way that you don’t... Read More

Drinking Water– Which water is best to drink?

UPDATE:  Recently fracking was almost allowed in the Florida Everglades. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/mar/01/florida-drops-everglades-open-fracking-bill If you are reading this post and reside in Florida, I would keep an eye out to see if fracking IS allowed in the future because if it does begin, it would mean that the waterways would begin being polluted with the chemicals that are inserted into the earth through the fracking process.   Our... Read More

Not Your Usual Cup of Tea

Beware of toxins in brand name teas   Research is coming out showing that non-organic, big brand name teas contain toxins that far outweigh any benefits from drinking tea.  The short advice is to buy high quality, organic teas especially ones like from local stores such as Hooker Tea in downtown St Petersburg: http://www.infusedteaco.com/   See these articles for more information: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2005/02/09/fluoride-tea.aspx   Tea   Fluoride... Read More

Heidi Crockett Speakers Demo Video

Thanks to everyone who helped get the video up and running!  Read More

New Website Dedicated to Sexual Interaction

Soooooooo, I finally registered “RedLightHeidi.com” with google and am making it official!   Eyebrows raise when I mention that I have “another” website called “RedLightHeidi” in addition to GreenLight.  Really the second website came out of my interests in Sex and Relationships category on this website.  I wanted a website where I could post on interesting topics specifically related to sexual wellness.... Read More

Processed Foods linked to Autoimmune Disease

Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods To Autoimmune Disease Check out the news story by clicking here. I talk about this all the time with my “5 ingredients or less” principle…but it’s good to know….eventually…there’s some scientific evidence about the obvious.  Read More

The Benefits of Being Vegetarian Vegan

Can you believe something like 2% of the US population is vegan? (“A 2012 Gallup poll found 5% of Americans identify as vegetarian and 2% as vegan.“) This is kind of sad considering we know BY RESEARCH how much this kind of diet reduces pain and inflammation.   I found the educational, evidence-based videos at “www.nutritionfacts.org” helped me understand the research on eating meat and animal products (especially... Read More

Surviving America’s Healthcare System

Let’s face it, we don’t look for camping gear in Victoria Secret and that’s how I sometimes see my experience navigating our current medical system.  I have found myself upset, in tears, and furious mostly because of my expectations.  So if you are a proactive, empowered patient, I want to save those reading from such strong reactions; I have made a LIST of what to EXPECT whenever you are involved in the medical system. #1  EXPECT... Read More