Brain Integration, Enlightenment, Ninth Domain of Integration–

Spirituality discussed during the last half of the podcast:

The Liminalist # 122: The Ninth Domain (with Heidi Crockett)

Stress Reduction + All Things Neuroscience

Interview from Bev DOWN UNDER–Bev with Living Fabulously

Click here for Relational Neuroscience + Stress INTERVIEW

Good Emotional Health Tips for Caregivers–

Optimal Physical Health Explained–

What is the Spiritual Tip of the

Optimal Health Health Pyramids?

Introductory video explaining the

Wellness Triangle and Brain Integration:


Healthy Eating Tips

Using Interpersonal Neurobiology

Listen to the recording on YouTube:

Applying Brain Health Basics to  Healthy Eating Tips Using Interpersonal Neurobiology


Here’s 5 minutes in video where Heidi teaches Laughter Yoga:


Dementia Round Table Discussion:

See minutes 4-6 in this video where Heidi speaks about what the research shows as common intimacy issues that occur for a couple with dementia in the early stages of the disease process.

Top Ten Talk

Lecture given March 18th, 2012 titled, “Nutritional Wellness: Top Ten List for How to Thrive!”

This lecture begins with recent findings in interpersonal neurobiology and why we can’t keep our hands out of the cookie jar!  Part One includes the introduction, Daniel Siegel’s definition of optimal mental health, brain basics and #10 from Top Ten List: Top.Ten.Part1

Part Two is #9 to #5 on the Top Ten List:  Top.Ten.Part2

Part Three is #4 on the list to #1 and conclusion: Top.Ten.Part3

BONUS: here’s a link to a recent NY Times article on interpersonal neurobiology and love.  And here’s a 20 min (funny and insightful) lecture on vulnerability that confirms the core themes in my above lecture.   This quote that I use under #2 on Top Ten List says it all:

“When we block our awareness of feelings, they continue to affect us anyway.  Research has shown repeatedly that even without conscious awareness, neural input from the internal world of body and emotion influences our reasoning and our decision making…in other words, you can run but you cannot hide.” (Siegel, 2010, p.125)


“Brain Health and Intimacy Tips”


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Remember, I want to help you live the healthiest life possible! –GreenLightHeidi


These following lectures are no longer available online:


This talk begins with interesting/surprising facts from sex research:

Lecture given as part of my independent study, “Human Sexuality in Social Work Practice”


I discuss intimacy vs passion in the last 15 minutes of this talk:


I discuss mindfulness in this 25 minute lecture


SUGAR Blues Talk–

This is an hour-long presentation PACKED FULL OF INFORMATION on sugar and HOW TO LIVE HEALTHIER NOW:

Sugar Blues Talk

(If you are short on time–fast forward 2/3 through the talk as that is where I give tips on HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES to artificial sweeteners, soda, and more.)

***Truvia/PureVia (stevia) packets are good to replace table sugar or splenda


Pros/Cons of Vegetarianism–GREAT 10 Minute overview on the subject

Click on Part 1 of this talk:

[click this post here to see the vegetarianism slides that I discuss]

Download and listen to Part 2 and Part 3 at the above link to hear the full “Running on Empty: How to Refuel When Your Life’s in the Fast Lane” talk given at Gainesville State College- Oconee on November 12.

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